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product design | client: Amek d.o.o.

Persuading beauty and aesthetics was the main principle of designing the TV table stand Tramek. Exploring, researching, analyzing the intermediate chapters of the wood processing story led to a very rough and unrefined form, after all it resembles a pile of beams awaiting further handling. To contrast the robust wooden part we added elegant thin metal legs that clutch the table stand and complete the product.
The stand is not only very aesthetic, but also functional. 

This TV stand has two, at first sight hidden drawers, that open, as a result of «touch to open» function, merely by slightly pressing on the sides of the cabinet, which are also the drawer fronts. In addition, the table stand has an aperture for cables, situated in the back, with an addition of a cable holder in a form of a textile label. Therefore, Tramek is a piece of furniture that glorifies aesthetics of natural materials such as wood and metal. These two materials are compiled into totality and despite of its hot and cold contrast they work as a whole, contributing to the timelessness and creating a connection between the inside and the outside.

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