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website development | client: PMPO


We were asked to help the Regional Museum Ptuj Ormož to redesign their website. Since their website has not been updated for several  years and the museum itself has a lot of different branches and exhibition venues, the main challenge was the logistics in the backend in order that complexity of the structure would be simplified, transparent and easy to use.

Part of the digital upgrade was also a mobile tour guide for the museum Ptuj castle. During the pandemic there were no groups or there was a significant increase in smaller groups of visitors so the museum decided that since human tour guides were a financial overkill they still wanted to offer their visitors a full guided experience. So we developed an app-like tour guide that now visitors can simply use via the museum website. They can log into the mobile guide with the code they found on their museum ticket. The best part of the mobile guide is that it does not need any downloading of the content as it behaves as a website and can be accessible via mobile, tablet or computer.