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keep it simple


product design | client: Donar d.o.o.

Keep it simple chair is a keeper. Its natural materials feel soft to your touch. The wood is exquisite. Even when you’re in the mood for something else, simply change its clothes that are held together by a touch of a magnet. Not only can you choose a chair that fits your character to begin with, you can also easily change its colorful parts as you would your own clothes at any given moment. Simplicity at its finest.

The chair’s special feature is the built in magnets that hold wood and fabric together, which allows for simple personalization with a wide choice of material and color. 

The idea behind Keep it simple chair is, as its name says, very simple; natural materials in combination with quality craftsmanship upholstery and the ability to precisely adjust the armrest. Basic elements of the chair are wooden steam-shaped panels that can be veneered or painted. Built in magnets inside the panels allow the fabric backrests to be easily replaced. Simply changing the worn down backrest, extends the chair’s life span and promotes ecological awareness. 

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